Multiple choice tests for 5 year olds…I call bullshit

Bullshit is my favorite word of late.

I’ve been in the field of early childhood and elementary education for nearly 20 years now and what I’m seeing these days with the high stakes testing regime is utter bullshit.  I will not call it anything but what it is.

High stakes standardized tests.

They are not helping teachers understand what children know.

They are not helping parents understand what their children know.

They are not accurate reflections of what teachers are doing.

They are not forcing politicians to adequately fund public schools in all neighborhoods.

They are not addressing systemic poverty and the isolation of poor people in the United States.

Developmentally inappropriate, racist, classist, culturally insensitive, terribly designed and making rich men richer…that’s what all these standardized tests are doing. 

I am not here for it. I will not sit quietly while it happens. And I won’t stop spreading the word so that everyone knows that the corporate takeover of public education is wrong, harmful and out of control. 

This is an article that highlights the insanity…do you want your or any five year old learning how to take a multiple choice test in school?

Check out the links to the right of this post for organizations and people who are working to change the tide and stand up for children.


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