FREE doula training in Brooklyn!

I went to the Momsrising conference last year and one of the many things I learned was that the NYC Department of Health had been awarded a sizeable grant to increase access to and information about breast feeding, particularly in low income communities.
A friend who is active in breast feeding awareness & support posted this info about a free doula training. Doulas are very helpful in supporting women to understand all their birthing and feeding options and can help support moms with breastfeeding.
What a great opportunity!

I hope that many people apply and participate in this training which is geared towards those who live in or near Bed Stuy and Brownsville.

Check it out!



4 thoughts on “FREE doula training in Brooklyn!

  1. Hi Tamkiema i would like to know if there are any up and coming new free doula training class that i can enroll in. I have done some research about it and most of the classes are too expensive for me to enroll in, but i would still love to train as a doula. I live in NYC if you have any helpful resources that i can get involve please send me the information. Thank you Lisa.

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