Universal Preschool in Sweden: Inspiration for Progressive Early Childhood Education

I’m delighted to be a respondent on this upcoming panel at Brooklyn College looking at Universal Preschool in Sweden as inspiration for progressive early childhood education here in the US.  I will be bringing the perspective of someone who supports teachers to do progressive education with low income children of color. Please share the flier far and wide and I hope to see you there.

The Brooklyn College Department of Early Childhood and Art Education and the Brooklyn College School of Education are delighted to invite you to an upcoming event on the Brooklyn College campus.  We will hold a presentation and discussion titled Universal Preschool in Sweden: Inspiration for Progressive Early Childhood Education at 6 PM on May 5, 2014.  We hope that you will attend and that you will also invite your students, alumni, and interested colleagues — professors, teachers, parents and politicians —  from around New York City.

Sweden is internationally lauded for its public, comprehensive, accessible and affordable Educare system, which provides all Swedish young children with some of the very best care and education.  Monica Nilsson, our speaker, is a well-known professor of education who has recently been selected to advice the Swedish Educational Agency on the universal early childhood transition class (six year old class) in relation to a proposal for changing the Swedish school start age.  Jeanette Thure, Elin Johansson and Anna-Karin Grandqvist, who will show slides of their work, are master preschool teachers from the internationally recognized HallonEtt Swedish preschool. 

These guests will share with us the Swedish system of education and care for young children.  Respondents representing various stakeholders within our own early childhood education systems will then lead us in reflecting upon the lessons that we can take from universal preschool in Sweden as we move forward with universal prekindergarten in New York City.




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