PSC Speaker Series: Integration Matters (3/21)

Park Slope Collegiate is hosting a speaker series this Friday and it’s free.

NYC schools continue to be very segregated by race and class. This is an important topic to think and talk about, and to act upon.

If you’ve never heard Pedro Noguera speak about schools, equity and access and racism, you should. He is a powerful speaker and great thinker.

Here are the details:

Now, as the 60th anniversary of the Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education approaches, what is the meaning of school integration?

To whom does it matter and why? What impact do educational issues like testing and school choice have on school integration?

What are the possibilities for increased discussion on and pursuit of integrated schools in New York City?

Why is it important to be having this conversation now?

Join the Park Slope Collegiate PTA for a forum on School Integration with Pedro Noguera, New York University Professor of Education and Sociology; David Tipson, Civil rights attorney and Director of New York Appleseed; Jill Bloomberg Principal, Park Slope Collegiate, a NYC public school serving grades 6-12

John Jay Campus Auditorium at 237 7th Avenue, Brooklyn

Friday, March 21, 2014, 7pm



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