NYS public school parents- You should weigh in on this (now)

“Last week, the State Education Department also announced that they plan to upload sensitive, personal student data to inBloom, starting in July.  New York is the only state of the nine original inBloom participants not to pull out completely or put their data sharing plans on indefinite hold.

Are you a NYS public school parent? Did you know the info I just posted above? I read through a lot of information from many different sources and it’s frightening to me to read some of the things going on that directly affect children in NYS public schools of which the average parent is completely unaware. 

I’d like to help change that, because I do believe knowledge is power.

This is the article that quote came from written by the NYS Alliance for Public Education.

The article is urging folks to call and email their NYS legislators to urge them to vote “NO” on the incumbents for the NYS Board of Regents who are coming up for re-appointment on March 11th. I don’t know the NYS Board of Regents people from a can of paint, honestly. But I DO know that a lot of what has come down from that Board over the past years has hurt children and teachers and gone very far away from what any reasonable person would consider “good schooling”. Sharing student’s personal data through InBloom is not what I want, as a public school parent.

So, my plan over the next few days is to look a little more closely at the individuals on the NYS Board of Regents and check out their voting records and the policies that have come out of their work.  I’m also going to look at these individuals who’ve been endorsed by NYSAPE and read about their philosophies and experiences in public education. I will then voice my opinion to my legislators because their jobs are to represent their constituents. I encourage you to do the same.



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