*In my kitchen* Cooked play dough (don’t eat it!)

In 1995 I got my first full time job as an assistant teacher in an independent school and I was blown away by the play dough we made each week. I’d only known the play dough that came in the small yellow can in different colors and it had never occurred to me that one could make their own play dough.

Well over the next 2 years I made batch after batch of play dough with groups of three and four year old children. We left it white, made it primary colors, secondary colors and even one day made a truly deep brown colored play dough (you can imagine what that reminded the newly-potty-trained children of…).

I know that many recipes exist online for making playdough, but this one is the closest to the one I used to make. The only difference is that I would mix the food coloring into the dough before cooking it. I like that method because it’s less messy, but with this recipe, you can make a few different colors out of one batch.

Last night we decided to make play dough for our buddy who was turning 3. The cool thing about having an 8 year old at home is he was able to follow the recipe and make the play dough, with supervision from me as he stirred it on the stove.

Of course this morning my son decided to make a batch for himself to have at home so we are currently reliving his preschool years as we roll, squeeze, shape and smell (of course) a blob of green play dough. It’s nice to know that even though he’s growing up, there are things from his early childhood that he can still appreciate and enjoy.


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