Fired up about high stakes testing!

I am fired up about high stakes testing and I want everyone to know what the concerns are and to make active choices for their children.  I am a part of a group of parents that are seeing opt-out as a form of civil disobedience. I don’t think the Department of Education should be giving $32 million dollars to Pearson, Inc to keep developing crappy tests.

This link leads to a great article about the growing movement to opt-out of high stakes testing for children. If you think 6-9 hours of testing is needed to know how well a child can understand math or English language arts, come talk to me about developmentally appropriate, common sense assessments.

There are many great points made here but one thing is wrong: federal funding is not affected by opt-out numbers. Click on this link for more info.

And here is a video where parents and children in NYC speak out to Mayor-Elect DeBlasio about a new school chancellor. 

Testing is not curriculum!



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