Todder and Preschool Classroom Quality

I am happy to report I have obtained my certification to conduct CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) observations on toddler classrooms (birth to 36 months)!  I am also certified to do observations on Pre-K classrooms (3-5 years). 

I really like this assessment of classroom quality as it focuses on teacher-child interactions. This assessment looks at the depth and quality of Emotional Support, instructional support and classroom organization present within toddler and preschool classrooms. I’ve found it to be enormously helpful in supporting teacher professional development. I’ve also found this tool helpful in terms if tweaking my own parenting approaches, especially in regards to discipline.

I am opening my schedule up a bit to take on new clients for CLASS observations so if you or someone you know is interested in having a CLASS observation done in the NYC area, contact me by clicking the button over to the right of this post that says “contact me”. By the way, CLASS observations can be done in center based and in-home settings.


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