*In my kitchen* lentil soup

I know, I know, it’s not Monday and I’m putting up a recipe. Well, September kind of kicked me in the behind and I am overly busy and over scheduled. Alas, my dear friend Adina shared a recipe with me that she was making the other day, and I decided to try I myself this past Tuesday. It was delicious.

A few variations:
–I used organic turkey bacon
–I used water and vegan low sodium bouillon instead of chicken stock
–I added Yukon gold potatoes because my family loves them
–I added a Scotch bonnet (habañero) pepper because they make everything taste yummy
Here are some photos:







Can you believe the size of that garlic?

The last two pics show pre- and post- vitamix-ing of a little bit of soup. Made it thicker and richer.

Thanks Adina!


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