Mindfulness training for Preschool and Kindergarten teachers

I want to let you know about a wonderful opportunity that is happening in Brooklyn on Veteran’s Day. It’s a one day intensive in mindfulness for preschool and kindergarten teachers. It’s hard to describe in a just a few sentences how incredible mindfulness work is, for the person who’s learning it and for the children who learn to use the tools. I WISH I had known about this work when I was teaching preschoolers (and older children too!). I am positive it would’ve helped me cope with stress better, and I would’ve been able to help my children learn self-regulation and empathy skills (among other things) in a more concrete and fun way than what I did (a LOT of talking!).

The information about the day and registration link is here
I will be co-facilitating with one of the people who first introduced me to this program 18 months ago and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach more people about Mindful Life for Kids. After I did the teacher intensive training, I went and did the next level of training, where I learned to train teachers. I use many of these tools in my daily life and as a parent.

So, if you are free and interested, come join us on Veteran’s Day. You will feel like you had a vacation in your mind. It’s the best way I can describe it. Although the training isn’t free, the tools you learn to use all exist within your own brain. Sound powerful? It is. Come see for yourself.

There’s more general info about Mindful Life here.


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