*In My Kitchen* YOU decide!

Sooo if you’re reading this, you either subscribed to receive updates to my blog, or you clicked a link to get here because you wanted to read it.
However, I am starting to wonder if I’m talking to myself!
So instead of giving you a recipe today, I’m going to share with you my meal plans for the week and ask you to comment and let me know which meal you’d like to see the recipe for.
Okay? OK.
I’m curious to see which meal you choose.
Meal 1:
Turkey and chicken & vegetable chili w/brown rice
Meal 2:
Lemon-garlic chicken breasts with sautéed kale & carrots & gluten free pasta
Meal 3:
Vegetable curry w/chick peas & shrimp & brown basmati rice
Meal 4:
Pad Thai w/veggies, tofu & beef minute steak
Meal 5:
Chicken and vegetable soup
Almost every ingredient I use is organic, except for the ground turkey in the chili and the rice noodles for the pad thai, thanks to affordable organic meats and vegetables at my local food cooperative.

Comment below!


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