This moment

The last week has brought a lot of loss to the forefront of my life. 8 days ago my friend’s 6 year old died suddenly, while in the midst of cancer treatment that appeared to be working. The enormity of a tragedy like this is nearly impossible to put into words.

Then 3 days later I found out that my adviser from graduate school died, after a battle with cancer. I had left a handwritten note under her office door a few weeks ago and was thinking I’d hear from her once she got back into her office for the semester.

Yesterday I found out that an older woman from the neighborhood I grew up in had died. Ms. M was 99 years old. A long life, and her death was made poignant because my own mother became her confidant, friend, and self-appointed caregiver for her the last few years of her life until her distant relatives moved her into a nursing home in another state.

Right before Ms. M went to live in the nursing home, we paid her a visit and my then 6 year old showed her his talking spy watch & engaged her in sweet conversation. She was legally blind so the fact that his watch talked was helpful and he enjoyed letting her feel and hear the features of that watch.

When Esperto heard Ms. M had passed away, he asked if he could attend the funeral. He had to go to school, so he didn’t, but I will show him this picture to remind him of the nice moment he shared with Ms. M when she was alive.

Truthfully, I feel off balance after this week. I am trying to focus on this moment. It’s all we really have.


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