Afro Punk festival 2013

We are excited to head over to this year’s Afro Punk Festival in a little while. So many great and interesting bands playing that normally do not get airplay on mainstream radio. Black punk, metal and alternative music has a huge following in ‘real life’ but my sense of it is that it’s still very much an underground world. Well, at least outside of Brooklyn.

I love the vibe at AfroPunk and enjoy bringing my 7 year old to a place where his eyes can be filled with the diversity that exists within Black culture.

He keeps confusing AfroPunk with Dance Africa, but he’ll quickly remember they’re two different festivals once we walk in and behold the fro- and faux- hawks and multi-colored hair among other exciting fashion and hair styles. We’ll be the boring yet comfortably dressed folks strolling around. 🙂

We are looking forward to a few bands but I’d like to draw your attention to the children who are performing- Unlocking The Truth is a metal band formed by 6th graders. And they’re good!

We are also very much looking to Saul Williams‘ performance this evening.

I will try and Instagram highlights of our time there this weekend. You’ll see my Instagram feed to the right of this post—->

See you there!


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