Broke down cars and such

This morning I read this blog post by way of a parenting list I’m on and it really resonated with me.

These words especially:

Our body sends us constant signals about what’s not working in our lives. Often, we ignore that information. We smother it with our little addictions to make ourselves feel better (comfort food, facebooking, shopping, another latte.) But that’s like having a blinking light on the dashboard of the car and responding by pulling the wires out so the light stops blinking. Your car will eventually break down.

I have gotten very serious about self care and the recent two week vacation I had from my day job really reminded me that I do not do enough to replenish myself on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I know what I need to do and that I need to do it (them?) but I actually don’t do it enough, and regularly.

So, new goals have been set for taking care of moi.

What about you? Is your ‘car’ breaking down? What can you do to get it/you in good shape again?


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