Movie Review (with Esperto, 7 years old)

In an attempt to ward off the summer slide, we’ve engaged Esperto in many reading, writing and math activities. He was a former reluctant reader, but happily pushed through this past year and now enjoys reading books for pleasure. He remains a reluctant writer. We’ve tried many different approaches to help him over the hump (modeling writing, using writing in daily life, encouraging him to pick topics for writing, and more), but this remains to be a challenging area for him. In time I’m sure it will resolve itself as he will continue receiving support at home and in school, and he will continue to mature, developmentally.

Esperto has been excitedly anticipating the newest Percy Jackson movie- Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, as we finished reading the book together last May. We are currently reading the third book in the series written by Rick Riordan.

We decided to see the movie when we arrived in Florida since it was coming out in theaters the day before we arrived. We went and we wrote a short joint review of the movie. Here it is (I wrote it out as he spelled it):


I relly liked the part when Percy was fighting Kronos. I liked everything in the movie. I give it 5/5 stares (stars).


I really liked the part when Percy rode the wave to get away from Luke and the Princess Adromeda. I can imagine how fun it would feel like to surf a wave like that! I didn’t like the movie theater we saw the movie at; it was very dirty and smelled bad, and that distracted me from fully enjoying the movie. I give it 4/5 stars.

Have you or your child seen the movie Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters? What do they think about it? Feel free to leave comments below. Esperto will read them and respond!


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