It’s the little things

As my son’s second grade school year comes to a close, I’m filled with gratitude for all he has learned this year- including the sometimes not so easy lessons about friendship & responsibility, about persevering through things that are hard (reading!) to feel the sweet feeling of success, and about pushing your parents to let you go just a little bit more as you test out boundaries and newfound independence.

We are lucky to have him in a progressive public school that respects children’s developmental levels and various learning styles so second grade continued to present him with opportunities to play, write, collaborate and build with his peers. He is an expert on NYC & bridges, among other things. He has learned to advocate for himself more and to connect more with peers who are at different academic levels than he is (both higher and lower). He has gone on many trips around NYC to explore and deepen his understanding of social studies curriculum & concepts. By far, his favorite trips of the last month were to the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center) where he got to see a 360° view of NYC from the 67th floor observation deck


This is one of the views he loved:


Today was his last day of school (we are leaving for vacation tomorrow) and his class went on a one hour boat cruise around manhattan which went underneath the Brooklyn Bridge (wow!) and near the Statue of Liberty.



As his teacher wrote in the narrative portion of his progress report, he is ready for third grade!

Happy summer everyone!


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