Stealing moments in a hectic life

Life has been very busy for me over the past few years months professionally and personally. I’m not complaining because there have been great learning opportunities & growth that’s come with that busy-ness but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it came at a cost to practical life needs like laundry, cleaning & on some days, cooking. Thank goodness I have a partner & a mom who share the work of keeping our family functioning on a daily basis.

But yesterday, after a number of grueling days where I’ve been awake and in motion- both in my body & brain starting at 5:30am & ending at 10pm when I collapse into bed, I knew I was not coming home to cook dinner at 7pm.

Because my partner was working late, I decided I would treat my son, Esperto, to dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. We have been eating at this restaurant since he was 2, so it’s always fun to go and chat with the wait staff who marvel at how much he’s grown and how tall he is…and how much he eats (!).

We had a lovely dinner, good conversation between ourselves and also with the family of a mom and her two children that were sitting next to us.
Esperto learned a very important skill at dinner- how to get the attention of wait staff in a restaurant as you can see in the picture below. We are raising a true NYC kid!


Can you guess which plate was mine and which was Esperto’s?

And yes, he pretty much ate it all (salmon teriyaki, rice, all the broccoli & carrots & a bowl of miso soup). RIP to our bank accounts as he enters adolescence in a few years!



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