More pineapple!

On Saturday morning my 7 year old, Esperto, was taking a leisurely bath, complete with hot wheels cars, wrestling figures and some medicine droppers. You know, normal bath time fun for 7 years olds…

I decided to make a green smoothie with what was left in our fridge which meant I threw a bunch of Swiss chard, 3 cups of baby spinach, 8 oz of chopped pineapple & some water in the Vitamix.
I was sure Esperto would reject that 70% greens, 30% fruit green smoothie because it was most certainly not sweet and it was a very clear and distinct shade of green.

I brought a cup of of it into the bathroom and asked what he thought.
To my surprise, he took a sip, thought, took another sip & thought some more, took ANOTHER sip & said ” It’s good but I think you should add some more pineapple.” Well I’ll be!

I added another 2 ounces of pineapple and brought a 12 oz glass of this intense green smoothie into the bathroom where Esperto proceeded to race & crash his cars, make his wrestling guys battle it to the death, and chug down the entire green smoothie. All in a day’s work!



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