Spring break camps

Most working parents loathe school breaks not because they dislike their children, but because the struggle to find childcare during school breaks is stressful. And often expensive.

I have the good fortune of having a ‘village’ in my life where I can work creatively with family, friends and neighbors to cobble together fun times for my son (& full days of care for me) when he’s off from school. At times I can also take him to work with me and rely on his intense love of telling people what to do teaching others to keep him entertained at the preschools I work with.

I do like to learn about interesting day and break-long programs that exist so that we have options just in case he wants to do a more structured program on a day off. One program that we are considering for part of an upcoming break is Spoke the Hub Spring Green Multi-arts Day Camp. I love the way they begin the day more than anything!

• 9:30am – Moving Green
Campers begin each day, aiming to grow healthy bodies and minds, through dance, yoga and mindfulness meditation practice

Have you ever signed your child up for a ‘break’ camp? What was it like? Did you find it worth the cost?

Would love to hear your experiences.


5 thoughts on “Spring break camps

  1. This is my first year sending my 7 year old to a all day long spring break camp. I have sent my daughter to 4 hour a day Yoga Camps and they are wonderful. She went when she was five and six. How old is your child?

    • Hi there! My son is 7 and a half. He went to a yoga camp on Election Day this past November and he loved it. It’s a nice opportunity to try out different programs on a short term basis, I think. Do you mind sharing which Yoga camp your daughter went to? I love to see what the different programs are out there. Thanks!

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  2. We routinely do spring break camps. Usually, we just do one or two days, which is enough for my seven year old. Usually we pair up with a friend’s parent and it becomes somewhat of a supervised playdate. We have done one day at the Intrepid camp, http://www.intrepidmuseum.org/Education/Camps.aspx; one day at ACT camp at St. Johns the Divine, and this year we are doing one day at worldplay camp in Forest Hills. http://www.world-play.org/home.html And most likely ACT again for one day–I like their outside program days so we usually do one of those. I think spring break camps are a great option for working parents and find it affordable. I stay in the range of $50-70 per day.

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