Juicy verbs & inner thoughts

This is a picture of a sign posted in my son’s 2nd grade classroom. His teacher worked hard with the children to develop their voices as writers as they wrote fiction stories. My son is what would be termed a ‘reluctant writer’ but you wouldn’t know it from his immense enthusiasm about his story.

Progressive, open ended, child centered, developmentally appropriate education is the RIGHT of all children. It should not be the privilege afforded to some.

You can & should support your child’s development as a creative writer at home too. Talk together about the mechanics of your favorite stories.

Identify what makes the story interesting to you. How does the writer ‘hook you in’? What kinds of juicy verbs and inner dialogue do you read?

Practice using some of those techniques in your stories and together you can create magical fictional tales while teaching your child about literature and the art of storytelling.



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