Vitamin waters…and lot of learning too

A few weeks ago, a picture came across my FB feed that inspired me to finally start doing something that I’ve always enjoyed from others- making my own vitamin water. 

Of course, I enlisted the help of my 6 year old, Esperto.


First, we discussed which combinations of fruits would go well together, based on what his dad had purchased at our food coop. We came up with the following three:







Together we cut grapes and strawberries into small pieces, added filtered water, and then put it in the fridge for a few hours.  After we put the water into the pitcher, something very strange happened…we couldn’t ‘see the grapes anymore! I asked Esperto what he thought happened  to the grapes and this is what he said- in this order:

“They disappeared!”

“The dissolved into the water!”

“What happened to the grapes?”


Talk about trying to understand a scientific process?!

I used a spoon to stir the fruit and he quickly realized the grapes had sunk to the bottom of the pitcher.  And, of course, that’s because the grapes are heavier than the strawberries.


We talked about how long it might take for the flavors of the fruits to infuse into the water and if the fruit will taste differently after it’s been submerged for a few hours.  

This was about 15 minutes of our morning, chock full of rich language, literacy, prediction and reasoning and math talk.  Not bad! You should try it with your 3-7 year old…and let me know how it turns out! 


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