learning through play

My 6 year old has been on spring break this week, so he has been enjoying extra time with me, his dad and his grandma as we shared the care for him in between (or in my case, in addition to) working, appointments and errands.

My son, Esperto, loves to create, or construct things. Give him a cardboard box and a few supplemental materials and he will be busy for a long time….in his world at least. This morning we were reminiscing about a steering wheel he loved when he was about 2. It had a key, and ignition switch and it made a beeping noise whenever he put in into “reverse”. So of course, he was inspired to create a steering wheel today. Instead of jumping right into his project, he asked me for help. I told him he needed to:

Draw out a model of what he wanted it to look like
Make a list of the materials he thought he’d need

and then, wait for me to take him to Home Depot to shop for the materials.

He is currently stumped by how he can have an ignition switch with a key that makes a sound as if it’s turning on. We have some youtube videos cued up and will be working on this project over the next few days.

Can you guess what developmental areas are being supported by this project? (I’ll list them in the comments by the end of the day.)

You go first!


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